Admission Notice


Admission Form & Fee Structure for New Admission are available During School Hours.

  1. Admission are given only in Nursery Class.
  2. Admission from class KG onwards will be given on basis of seat availability.

Disciplinary Rule:-

  • All students have to reach school at least 5 minutes before the bell.
  • Late comers will not be allowed to attend classes without the prior permission of the principal.
  • All students must come to school in neat, clean and complete uniform.
  • Tiffin to be given with the student itself, the school does not take any responsibility of sending Tiffin to class during school hours.
  • Please avoid taking your child to home early, no half day leave will be granted to any child. Please plan your functions, visits, urgent Works after school hours. Please take interest in your ward's studies. Home work project work, etc.
  • Test and Exams will be taken on scheduled dates only. No child will be allowed to appear before or after scheduled date. No re-exam in any will be taken.
  • The school diary is your ward's identity card. Please Fill in all particulars and help us to contact you in times of emergency. Diary is to be brought to school daily. Please buy a new one as soon as if it is over or lost.
  • No double promotion will be granted to any child.
  • Please avoid taking private tuition from our school teachers, Permission should be taken from the principal before engaging any teacher of our school.
  • Conveyance facility will not be provided by school. So please arrange conveyance facility yourself.
  • Take some time off your busy schedule and help your ward in his/her difficulties regarding home works etc., check your ward's dairy daily.
  • Parents' teachers meeting are organized after each terminal test and report cards will be given in these meetings. All information regarding your ward's progress can be heard at these meetings so parents should make it a point to attend these meetings.
  • Tuition fee will be charged for 12 months (July to June).
  • Please abide by the rules and help us to serve you better.